Unleash Your Full Potential: How to start small and build an empire

With the increasing number of graduates coming from schools, there is a growing demand for employment opportunities in the various sectors of Kenya’s economy. Fresh graduates grapple with the nightmare of getting well paying stable jobs.

But as George Wachiuri, the author of the book: Unleash Your Full Potential: How to start small and build an empire, explains how times have changed and there is need for University graduates to consider alternative source of income instead of sitting and complaining of what the government systems have not done.

Unleash Your Full Potential by George Wachiuri

Unleash Your Full Potential by George Wachiuri

He outlines the need for people to wisely choose their business ideas based on passion and strong points. He writes: “The employment situation in Kenya, much like it is in Africa, is in alarming levels; and there seems to have developed an attitude among our graduates that after obtaining a degree, seeking a job is the next logical step. I do not fault them for thinking that way because it is a tradition that caught on, but also wish to underscore the fact that times have changed and new approaches to matters of making money must be entertained so that joblessness is reduced and eradicated.”

According to the author who is also the C.E.O, Optiven Ltd, Winner of the Top 100 SMES 2014/2015, having a clear vision, marketing strategy and clear strategic plan are some of the key foundations of a successful business. Employing the right people and making them understand the vision, mission and the core values of the organization, he writes, is able to move a small business to an empire.

Having once lost Sh5million in a fake land deal, Wachiuri says that giving up is not an option for anyone who wants to succeed in business. To him, failing is part of the process and only prepares the real people for the real world of excellence in business.


However, the author faults companies that succeed so fast and forget to give back to the community, a reason that he started the Optiven Foundation in order to give back education opportunities for the needy back in his Labura village in Nyeri County.

Unleash Your Full Potential” is an inspiring book that teaches entrepreneurs on “How to start a small business and build an empire.” The book advises the entrepreneurs on the need to “die clean”, having unleashed their full potential here on earth.

Wachiuri, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, philanthropist, lecturer and a family man has a success journey that will help many people out there think beyond their limitations and grow from grass to grace.


AUTHOR: George Wachiuri, CEO Optiven Ltd

PUBLISHER: Sahel Publishing Association

COVER DESIGN: Hellen Wahonya Okello


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